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SWAN is an organization on Harvard’s campus for undergraduate students interested in pursuing opportunities in public service. We stress the importance of community by holding SWAN social events to create a supportive and tight-knit community of service-minded individuals.  



To best serve our members and the broader Harvard community, we also place a special emphasis on mentorship through our family system where each member of an incoming SWAN class is paired with a member in the grade above them, creating a family-like chain. Families are encouraged to meet and afforded a semesterly food budget by SWAN. This program is not only useful for career and school advice but also for personal development.


To promote involvement in public service beyond our on-campus community, SWAN partners with local organizations on semester-long team service projects to help grow their initiatives. These projects range from helping schools research and implement better curriculum to writing grants for new programs to ensuring grass roots organizations pursue sustainable models. SWAN also holds an annual public service conference for high schoolers. 


To accomplish our mission of increasing the presence of public service on Harvard's campus, we believe that creating a community of like-minded individuals is very important. Our Community & Mentorship Chair plans a variety of fantastic events, including a semesterly retreat and monthly socials like a Murder Mystery night.

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For Harvard Undergraduates Only

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